Club Med could be the answer and is highly recommended with children of all ages. If the kids are under five you have clubs that cater to them or if they are teens and young adult children you will be able to travel with the family and be confident that everyone will totally REAP the benefits as all needs are sure to be met.

All clubs will satisfy. Go to Punta Cana when children are young and continue on when they are grown. Martinique set off the trend of high-end style for Club Med early in the 21st century quite a few years ago when they had renovated. You will find the beach there to be one of the nicest in the world. It is very accessible and the water is a gorgeous green and the water is actually warm to top it off. Be prepared for a predominately Parisian and French Canadian crowd-Oui! All of the clubs have changed over recent years and so they offer superior accommodations. If anyone recalls how the clubs were back in the day PLEASE be assured that those days are gone. Club Med in Cancun is an easy destination to get to as it is not far from the Cancun airport once you arrive there, approximately 15 minutes door to door. Strongly suggested for your stay there is the Suite side for your rooms particularly if you are traveling with adults or your adult children. The privacy of the infinity pool is nestled at the opposite end of the club, which caters to those that prefer more activity. The white sand and the clear blue/green water has not changed. On the side of the suites you will be catered to by the staff a bit more as you will be attended to by butler service in your room and by the pool side.

The food is very good at the clubs’ restaurants, fish such as red snapper are always a fresh catch and grilled just perfectly. Fresh salads offering probably anything you may desire to mix in is always served. The wines that are included are just fine too. Truthfully all the clubs offer fine quality meals; the chefs work very hard to please and to be sure to meet everyone’s needs.

As Club Med maintains it’s perfection when it comes to the “all inclusive vacation,” the staff at all of them will make it their business to ensure you get your money’s worth. They employ guys and gals that really like their job and as a result walk around smiling all day everyday when you are at their club. So go for it and it is quite predictable that you will become a repeat guest, particularly if you go with children. Guaranteed is that they will ask you to return and remind you how they were able to do their thing as you were able to do yours and always feel secure that everyone was safe. When you want to throw your hands up in the air and dance in the evening the music is waiting and lots of fun as generally the GO (CLUB MED staff) are there to indulge in the dance with you.

The European clubs are also fantastic. Not as close for those traveling from the U.S.A. but worth it when the time is right for you. Always be prepared for an international crowd, which some may find to be full of pleasant surprises.


Eat, Drink and be Merry and Keep Traveling!


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