Cape Cod and Tranquility
If you are in the New York area or within driving distance to Boston,  Cape Cod is a really delightful getaway.  In just under 4 hours from N.Y.C. you will be on the Cape.   This  place gives an illusion to being in a hidden location,  because shortly after you arrive one can feel so removed from the hustle and bustle of the city quickly.  Even if you live in a suburban setting I believe that the tranquility of Cape Cod is different.
This is one location that has some of the cutest names for it’s towns.  Seriously, can you think of a name sweeter and more original name than Sandwich?  My personal favorite is Chatham because of  fond memories and also because the town is the ideal spot to base yourself in.  Chatham Wayside Inn is located right in the center of the main street and is reasonably priced,  a more superior property is Chatham Bars if you are looking to treat yourself.  The hotel is located on the beach and has much to offer.  They have a few restaurants, including a Chef’s table and lovely spa services that can be perfect if you happen to have an occasion.  In minutes you can be in the center of town indulging in shopping and having chowder for lunch which is of course a must.  Any time is right for biking and then take a break for ice cream in the town of Dennis.  Located  right in the center of that town you can’t miss the generous portions served for you to indulge in.  Bicycling in Chatham as well as other towns is popular and kayaking is available nearby as well and a lot of fun on this trip.  Do not forget Provincetown, whale watching and plenty of fun!
After a couple of days on the Cape plan to catch a ferry to Nantucket and after a couple of days continue on to Martha’s Vineyard and you will swear you hear Carly Simon singing.  These are to adorable, relaxing spots where you can be sure to spend QUALITY TIME with the people you are with and are easily accessible by ferry.  Plan to bike on Nantucket and explore this little island, follow the many bike trails and you cannot get lost accept if you count the surprise areas you will discover along the way.  The well known White Elephant maintains their lovely standard, the rates are always high but you can’t beat the picturesque harbor view.  An Inn or B and B may be the better choice, because you will enjoy the charm of that sort of accommodation which fits in perfectly with this location.  There are many to choose from that offer the canopy beds in family or double rooms and serve a hearty breakfast.  In Martha’s Vineyard there are several towns to choose from to stay in but of course you will go around and visit them all.  A great way is by bus, you hop on and off easily.  For your base I prefer Edgartown, most likely wherever you stay there the location will be walking distance to all.  Harborview hotel has a variety of accommodations but here again I think an Inn, which is generally more intimate, is the way to go.
Be prepared for inclement weather,  particularly if you travel by ferry all the way around, note that you can also fly into these locations.  When I traveled with my family to these 3 places we had an unexpected turn of events.  Once we arrived on time for our ferry (one of the last ones out that day) out of Nantucket we quickly learned that the ferry service had been canceled due to rough waters, and that was in August.  We made way to the town hall and were accommodated with a list of inns that still had availability at that last minute notice.  A scenario that began with a bit of panic concluded into one of the best parts of the trip.  Being stranded in Nantucket could not get any better.  We found a “family” room with a bed for my husband and I and 2 twins, all with canopy.  The next day the perfect country breakfast was waiting to send us off as the ferries were back on schedule back to the mainland.  I hope you find some sort of excitement similar to that one in your travels!
Eat Drink and be Merry and keep Traveling!


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