Sweet hotel suggestions for Paris

In case you have not yet selected where to stay in Paris and feel overwhelmed from all the choices I have a few suggestions to help you.  I think the best way to make  a choice is  by narrowing down the options and so I will offer you 3 different properties.   Each fit in with a different budget but is assured that all three are well located and charming and clean!  All 3 are on the Left Bank.

I recently stayed at Hotel Pont Royal, an understated  little GEM !  After breakfast you can walk easily either to Musee d’Orsay or Musee du Louvre.  Always be sure to check with the concierge that the museums are opened.  The first Sunday of each month the Louvre offers a FREE entry.  D’Orsay is closed on Mondays.  The hotel is located on Rue Montalembert and faces Rue de Bac.  Rue de Bac will be your road to the museums and in the other direction a short block to Saint Germain Blvd.   Saint Germain Blvd. will be the road that you will find yourself on the most whether going down to the metro or making your way to dinner that blvd. will be your guide.  The Hotel Pont Royal serves an excellent, plentiful breakfast, one of the best I have had in Paris with nothing spared.  The fresh squeezed juices are delicious and the croissants are addicting so watch out for all that butter melting in your mouth in the morning., especially the apple were surprisingly to me the best!  The hotel is well maintained and the staff quite attentive and helpful, you will be very happy staying here and may feel that you are actually at home in in your own little flat in the heart of Paris.

Prior to my last visit I stayed at a hotel that really makes one feel that they have arrived in Paris in another decade.   At Hotel Saint Germain Depres located on Rue Bonaparte you will find it offers a good location but the rooms are on the small side.  The decor takes you back in time a bit but is well maintained.  They recently began serving a buffet breakfast, in the past it was basically croissant and coffee so they have improved. and is quite adequate.   The elevator is tiny so you may need to take turns when arriving with luggage, but that is a part of what makes this spot so very cutesy.  When you arrive to your floor the hallway is  narrow but very pretty and charming as you make your way to your room where you will find a cozy but small room waiting for you.   The hotel is a step away from Saint Germain Blvd., and as I previously mentioned will be a large part of your walking route to all destinations.

Another choice that can probably be suitable for a slightly smaller budget is the Grand  Hotel Saint Michel located in the Latin Quarter.  It is very near to Notre Dame and an easy walk to Luxembourg Garden.  They did a good job when this property was renovated.  The area is not far from Saint Germain Blvd. , on rue Cujas.  There are many restaurants and quite a lot of shopping in the Latin Quarter but it is very busy so be prepared for crowds at most times of the day.  If you select this property try and get a corner room because the view is special!

Bon Voyage it is going to be a WONDERFUL trip!



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